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“A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words”

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Animation for Expansion

Expand your digital presence in the run for visibility!

Embedding video animation on your website, preferably somewhere more prominent like the homepage, is one of the most effective strategies to widen your reach and increase your visibility over the digital landscape. Video animation has proved to be an intriguing marketing tool that captivates the audience in a long-lasting emotional connection with the brand. With thousands of options on their plate, customers usually prefer to choose one that provides something different, something unique. Animated content possesses an inherent power of its own that fascinates people of all ages- kids and adults alike. It is because we humans have a propensity towards organic representations that we can comprehend without the barrier of language. According to reports published in, 88% of visitors prefer to adhere to a website when there are videos on the homepage. By embedding live images, anthropomorphic characters, and animated cartoons, websites can have the potential to invoke nostalgic feelings and sentiments in the audience, which results in a long-standing attachment with your brand or company. Animated content is also easier to share on different social media platforms that helps in the circulation of your brand culture to a widespread, diverse group of consumers.

Animation for Expansion

Animation for Information

Inform, engage and persuade your audience!

With the relentless marketing strategies of different brands in this age of rampant consumerism, it has become extremely challenging to provide authentic, reliable information for the masses. Amidst this race of propagating all types of values and narratives, you can choose to share yours with a more compelling medium that will leave a long-lasting impact. Video animation is one such persuasive way to communicate your brand philosophy. The cool and appealing videos, embedded in your website, serves the purpose of both providing information and captivating your audience, both actively and passively.

Animation for Information

Animation for Efficiency

Navigate the digital landscape efficiently!

From our bedroom to our classroom, we are surrounded by marketing tools and mediums. We receive a thousand of them in the form of the promotional newsletters, email updates, forwarded messages and never-ending notifications of latest sales and packages. The question is how do you make navigating such a vast universe possible for your customers? The answer is simple. You have to move a step ahead of the conventional, automated marketing strategies and recreate a brand image with modern, engaging and smart marketing tools. Animated videos increase your prominence in the race of visibility and guide potential customers to your website. Embedding videos on your website automatically gives your site an SEO boost.

Animation for Efficiency

visual content

How Many Minutes Would You Rather?

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Go to your Facebook. Scroll through it. How many videos will you find? How many of those will you watch? Will you watch any video till the end?

In today’s digital age, our minds are trained to seek visual content. We want to see movement. Who wants to read long posts? We will read long posts, perhaps, only if the content is engaging and unique, or if it is accompanied by some interesting videos or GIFs. But not all videos work. Given the option, which one of these YouTube videos would you rather watch on an average day?

Source: YouTube

Created by: Tastemade

It is an obvious choice, isn’t it? 12 minutes seem too much of a commitment, unless you are familiar with Tastemade or if you are in the mood to mindlessly watch a nice long but fast-forwarded video. 3 minutes sounds about right. Research suggests that our attention spans are even lower. In 2 minutes, a video will hit the sweet spot and that’s it, done, stop, finish the shooting, don’t show anything more. If you are using Twitter, then make it even less, 30 seconds should it.

This does not mean that longer videos are utterly ineffective, you just need to remember that for a longer video, much effort needs to be put to retain the attention of your audience – an audience that is inclined to view things for a short amount of time. Did you know that people on Facebook have 8 billion video views every day?

Our minds are constantly flooded with colorful visuals – sometimes enticing, sometimes boring – because of this, we have become programmed to respond to visual content more than a page of written content. Studies show that an average viewer retains 95% of a video’s message as opposed to 10% of anything they read. This knowledge has not been ignored by online marketers, 87% of whom use video content to launch successful marketing campaigns, and 83% report that they get a good return on investment (ROI) from video marketing.

If you are thinking about putting something out in the digital world, and if you intend for it to gain some traction, then consider this: visually-focused marketing is your best bet. You want your audience to remember you? Attract their eyes with movement, and pique their interest with an engaging concept.

Professional Website Design

5 Must-Have Features of a Professional Website Design

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The advent of e-commerce has placed all the businesses in a global perspective. The competition is already fierce but it is yet to hit the roof. It means that every company or enterprise with an eye on international business opportunities needs to follow a protocol to promote their products and services. And it all starts with an impactful website that not only inspires the existing consumers but also catches the eye of potential new buyers. Building a professional website is nothing less than producing a piece of art. The reason why a great website design matters is the fact that today’s consumers are always in a hurry and they hardly spend more than three seconds on a web page. This is why your website should have the oomph factor to catch their interest instantly and keep them glued to your URL for an extended period. After all, it all leads to better revenue generation, which is the end goal of every business out there.

Let’s take a look at five of the top features of a professional website design that is capable of catching the interest of its users.

  1. Easy Navigation for Users
  2. A Clear and Sharp Design
  3. Does it Offer Value to Users?
  4. It Has to Look Attractive
  5. Ability to Get the Best Out of SEO
  1. Easy Navigation for Users

Several companies ignore this important factor, which brings about their failure in improving their revenues. Navigation rests at the core of winning website design. Easy-to-navigate website design will give users a royal experience on your web store which might attract better revenues. A simple design that presents all the most important features of your business in a single view is what keeps users engaged. It allows users to acquire their required information in the shortest possible time. If they manage to find their products or the required information instantly, it is surely going to impact their buying decision at the end of the day. Easy access to checkout is all you need as the website owner and this is what the concept of easy navigation is all about.

  1. A Clear and Sharp Design

Before you hand out the task to a web developer, you should have a clear picture in your mind about what your website should offer to its users. A clear purpose will not only make the job of a web developer easier but will also allow the users easy access to the information they need. Proper communication between you and web developer will result in a website design that would offer its users features like chatbots, easy checkout page, one-click access to your products or services, and clear information about the company’s history and future goals. Moreover, your web store should offer features like a catalog of your products and the search area to easily browse through your products. If your website is responsive, it will also go well with search engines like Google and Bing. It means, you can expect bigger traffic numbers, which are set to positively affect your sales figures.

  1. Does it Offer Value to Users?

Customer is always at the forefront of every marketing or sales strategy for any business. The same rule applies to the endeavors to build a website for your business. Always make sure that your website offers great value to its visitors through functionality and accessibility. Most of the time, business owners are overwhelmed by their own goals and they ignore what their customers want. This is where they make the biggest mistake. The best way forward is to keep your users in mind while designing your website. If your web store offers value to the users, they would feel satisfied and would love to be your loyal customers. Always remember, a happy and loyal customer is your gateway to a whole new group of potential buyers.

  1. It has to Look Attractive

We can’t stress enough about the aesthetics of your website. An attractive-looking website is the first thing that visitors notice. After decent aesthetics, you can offer your users easy access to the core areas of your products and an easy-to-use checkout page. You can never afford to ignore the fact that the first impression is indeed the last impression, especially when it comes to online shopping. If your website is able to make that instant connection with the users, it will give your products the best chance to influence their buying decision. This is where you can win the day.

  1. Ability to Get the Best Out of SEO

If you want your website to make a good repo with search engines, you should focus on how your website can get the best out of search engine optimization (SEO). We all know that a website without footfall or eyeballs is a waste of time and resources. This is why you should be able to appear among the top results on the search engine when users search for related keywords or phrases. Moreover, you can double it up by incorporating analytics on your website. It will help you in tracking the users’ behavior and your website’s overall performance, which will allow you to focus on the areas that need more attention besides getting the best out of the practices that are boding well for your sales.

The Final Word

Building a winning website is like giving your business the ammunition to win the war. It is a tough competition out there and you have to be on top of your game to make it big in a global market. You can start your journey to the riches today by building your first website or refreshing an existing but non-performing website. Select the best website designers in town and make a great repo with your potential customers.


Take Off Your Invisibility Cloak

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The internet is a giant math equation. With algebra. It has variables and constants that make up complicated algorithms that lie at the core of our digital world. If you change some variables, you alter algorithms and thus, you create ripples in the digital world.

The special thing about the internet is that everything is a click away. Be it Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines, you can just type anything and access information in mere seconds. But how does this information show up? Why is it that some links appear before others? The answer to that is: Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What is SEO?

Imagine a room full of people sitting in front of computers, their screens lined up with complicated graphs, stats, and word clouds. These people continuously track you. They see what you click, what content you keep open for the longest time, and which brands or products you are interested in. Your online activity is part of huge research and these people are the researchers, constantly coding and analyzing data. Once they have identified viewership trends, they can deconstruct the common variable about these trends.


Remember how we discussed that the internet is a giant algorithm with variables? Once you determine what the variable is, you can successfully manipulate the algorithm. SEO refers to this manipulation. Experts with SEO skills identify keywords that you can use in the online content you put up, and suddenly you will be directing organic viewership to your website, channel, page, etc.

SEO must sound like a good trick, no? It is. The more finesse SEO magicians brandish this skill with, the more viewership you will get, and the more compensation they will ask for. After all, a good trick requires a lot of effort and time on part of the magician. What happens if you are a small business, though? It is likely that you simply cannot afford an SEO package that is thorough and rewarding. Here is a reason why small businesses need to opt for SEO:


  • It is true that small businesses have smaller budgets but SEO has great ROI. Especially if you have an online store.
  • You can’t delay SEO. Begin now. For SEO to be effective, you need time, effort, and good quality content.
  • Make your website user-friendly so that whatever traffic SEO brings, it returns.

Still. It is likely that Google will always show bigger brands first. This is because they have been at it for longer and have an established target market. The sooner you begin making your online presence felt, the more visible you will become. Think of yourself as Tinkerbell:

The nicer you are, the more people will want to remember you. If they remember you, you will be visible, or else, you will disappear under an invisibility cloak.


Social Media Marketing on a Budget

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Joined at the hip, social media and marketing go hand-in-hand. Here are some budget-friendly and snazzy ideas to breathe some life into your social media game and boost your business’s online presence:

Consistency: Share across all social media platforms 


Do you have business accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? And is your activity on your Facebook account more regular than the monthly, half-hearted tweets on Twitter? Then you need to up your social media game right away and be consistent and more focused regarding what you post online, and how much you do it. If you have a new product launching soon, then make sure that you post about it on all of your social media pages because different platforms have different audiences. The end goal is to reach all of them.

Quality: Compose with dedication and focus


Ensure that the little that you do write is of premium quality, funky, and easy to read. Good content is a prime contributor to amplifying your reach and increasing interaction on your social media platforms. If you write in a language that is relatable and currently trending, you attract more readers. With standardized quality and regular postings, you can have a strong and sustainable social media presence.

Attractiveness: Good visual graphics are a must


No, we are not asking you to hire a top-notch graphic designer for this. Instead, we greatly encourage that you make use of easy-to-use softwares such as Canva and do the job yourself, even if doing so requires some time investment. Regarding what kind of graphics you should employ, leap onto the bandwagon of whatever is trending on Instagram and organize your marketing scheme accordingly. Insta-worthy marketing schemes are not only pizzazz, but successfully lure in a good chunk of younger social media users.

Personalize: Take lots of pictures at events and post them all


Did you throw a small office party for Women’s day?


P U B L I C I Z E it!

Every little effort that you do counts immensely towards your image as a business. We do not encourage spamming your social media with images of employees splattering each other with cake, but some tidbits about office life at your firm, every now and then, are a light-hearted, sweet little addition.

Interaction: Live streams, Online Competitions, Giveaways


Personalizing is always a great tip for boosting interaction and attracting users towards your page. With live streams, you not only encourage users to be in direct contact with you, but you also have a more flexible portal for advertising your products in a subtle manner.

An online competition might require you to cough up some money or sacrifice some of your merchandise, but trust us, in the long run, it’s all super worth it.

Netizens often actively seek freebies and they never allow ‘opportunities’ like an online competition or a giveaway to pass by. Most online competitions either demand some kind of user interaction or something like answering the correct question regarding your services. Or they are in the form of a giveaway where they require participants to increase your followers by requesting their online ‘friends’ to follow your business account. A simple, yet efficient, way of generating more followers and increasing interaction on your account, online competitions and giveaways are both, effective and cost-efficient.

Diplomacy: Partner with similar businesses


Pairing up with your competitors is always an excellent strategy to boost user interaction and grab the attention of target audiences. The chances of your competitor and your business sharing the same target audience are very high, which is why it is a smart and diplomatic business marketing move to pair up with your competitors. Be it for an online competition or for a short-term collaboration on a giveaway, a social media partnership always goes a long way in stabilizing your social media game.


The Basics of Social Media Branding

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We all know it very well that our lives have been overwhelmed by digitalization everywhere. There is no escape from it and if we don’t accept it, we will only make fool of ourselves.

This is not a bad thing in fact, it has opened up the doors to endless possibilities when it comes to branding and marketing. The brand-building was never this interesting and creative.

There are so many tools and tech options available to consider which makes digital branding a promising arena with unlimited potential and value. There are many fields to explore and social media is one of the most prominent ones.

Let’s see how social media branding works

Choosing the Right Platform

There are so many social media platforms available and not all of them work for everyone. It is important to choose a platform where you will find your target audience.

If you are thinking about Facebook, maybe you are not so wrong because it has more than 2 billion users. However, every social media channel has a particular purpose. If you know how to use it and if you are sure about your marketing goals, a major chunk of your target audience is active there, getting maximum reach will not be a problem. But do you get the best results on Facebook, in terms of return on your investment (of time and money)?

Be Mindful Of Demographics

In social media branding, your target audience is essential and having complete knowledge about it is even more vital.

Collecting details about your target audience is the first step of every campaign. From their age, and gender, to their interests, and devices they use, from their area of residence to the frequency of their social media use is all-important.


Digging out this information is like digging a gold mine! This is how treasured it is.

Ads on Social Media

Every platform of social media can be used for placing ads. You need to allocate a proper budget for each platform and then schedule your ads based on the research you have gathered about your audience.

You can place different types of ads. It depends on the type of platform you are using, and what you intend to achieve for your business. Usually, a single platform offers a variety of marketing options. For example, Facebook has at least seven different types of ads, LinkedIn has seven, too, whereas, Twitter provides nine types.

If you want to achieve results by placing ads on these platforms, you have to spend money wisely. Pumping in money for paid advertisements is not the only solution, you also need to be good with retargeting and remarketing.

Remarketing and retargeting helps you acquire a strong customer base which is everything when it comes to social media.

Scope of Social Media Branding

Honestly, it is limitless… once you are successful in creating a loyal customer base, creating lead generation will not be an issue.

Email marketing and content marketing can also be used for lead generation, simultaneously. These options can introduce new products and services to customers and communicate your brand message to attract more customers.

Considering the pace of the online world, people are questioning the future of social media but for now, and soon, it seems that this will remain an effective and potent marketing tool. Social media branding gives you quick results which means you don’t have to always invest a huge amount and wait that long.


A Never Ending Loop of Online Content Development

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When it comes to content development you must have amazing ideas that are innovative and in line with current trends. You cannot rely on just a few things because boring and monotonous content will only get you so far. If you want to create an impact with your content (whether it is text-based or a mixture of audio-visual or infographics), you need out-of-the-box thinking and a great way to execute those mind-boggling ideas.

Content development is not only creating social media posts, blogs and articles. It includes all types of content that can be placed on a website. From web content to infographics to blogs to animations and much more, everything is included in content development.

It is certainly not a simple task, requiring a lot of groundwork and conceptualization before any type of content can be produced. But the results it can deliver are totally worth your time and effort.

If you are wondering how to develop impactful material that is not boring, then the following four steps may help you in creating captivating content:

  1. Information and analysis
  2. Strategizing and creation
  3. Optimization and publishing
  4. Promoting and reviewing


Information and Analysis

Collecting information and researching your subject is always the first step in content development. You need to remember that more data and stats you have, the better it is. From competition to demographics to performance to goals, all should be available. Amongst all this, it goes without saying that the most important facet in this phase is to understand the target audience and viewership with their preferences.

There are different tools available that can be used for keyword research, backlink analyzation, and domain authority. The information derived from this data will help you determine what topics you want to cover. Once you have the information, break it down and analyze carefully to formulate the best strategy.

Strategizing and Creation

Based on the analysis of information, build a dope content strategy along with the planned calendar and timelines.

The creation part is the crux of this whole process. But you have followed a proper process during the research and strategizing phases, this becomes fairly easy. Whatever the form of content communication and type of material, the content has to be unique, inspiring, and relevant for your potential viewership.

That is all! If you have mastered the art of creating original and unique content you have already won half the battle against your competitors.

Optimization and Publishing

With the evolving digital media (and how we use internet on our computers and mobile devices), SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) has become significantly important for your online pages. What is the point of creating smart, visually-appealing marketing content if only a few people will be able to search for it or notice it?

SEO is what makes you appear prominently on search engines and rank you higher in search engines. If you have a strong SEO game to go with your creative content, your website will appear in top searches and thereafter, you capture your audience with the power of your original content.

At this stage, you need to focus on readability from a reader’s perspective and how appealing your content looks. You have to make your content interesting but it is important to not lose focus on your supplementary search engine optimization work to get more visitors on your website.

This is the time when well-researched keywords and META titles and descriptions are crafted. All in all, at this step your SEO content should be completed.

Promoting and Reviewing

Once you are done publishing the content, it is time to promote it. There are many ways to promote your content (both organic and paid advertising). One of the obvious ways is to promote it on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

Remember the reason for promoting is to get maximum number of eyeballs and visitors. Of course, that depends a lot on your content, but people have to see it on their profiles and feed before the can comment, share, like and subsequently, generate the buzz on social media.

Once you are done with promoting your content, don’t sit back thinking your job is done. Keep following the reaction and adjust accordingly. Content development, in reality, is a continuous process. You need to review your content strategies from time to time. Keep an eye on the results of the content you are creating.

Content trends change quickly and you may have to bring the necessary changes in your strategy regularly.


The Greatest Copies of All Time

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Creative copywriting sells.

Where blogs and articles work miracles for pumping up your ranking and visibility on search engines, generating a larger readership for your products, and bringing in more website visits, copywriting, literally, helps sell. An ingeniously composed one-liner has the potential to get your customers to ‘just do it’. Snazzy and attractive, a creative copy holds the power to spellbind your audience in barely fifteen words. Uniqueness is the key for cleverly marketed content. If you want for your brand slogan, or the tag line going along with a new product, or the latest Facebook post to be shoved into mainstream spotlight, then your copy written content needs to be furnished with a fervor that screams, ‘Read me!’.

Copywriters create content that contributes towards the generation of larger leads towards your brand. These leads translate into success and all because your words leave your audience harking for more.

There are many examples of businesses that propelled forwards into instant stardom with well-written copies that were holistic in humor, empathy, and shrewdness. Wielding the Sword of brevity, shielded with clear writing, and armored under piles of humor, here are some ‘Warrior’ copies of sheer brilliance.

Here are our top-picked copywriting examples that will go down in history as the ultimate Mother of them all.

  1. Nike and Colin Kaepernick


Yes, you see why this one is on the list, don’t you?  The words just have you lolling your head onto one side as it is blown apart by the depth of the words, and the absolute genius of this campaign. In times of heightened apathy, a campaign of such magnitude from one of the world’s top sporting brands holds immense importance. Nike has a fan following of millions of young individuals who were not only swayed by this poster, but also compelled to learn more on the events and controversies surrounding Colin Kaepernick. Activism and marketing combined? Well played, Nike!

  1. Fighting for gender equality with L’Oreal


Big brands that are not only cognizant of their influence and following, but also make the decision to put their global status to good use are honestly a ray of hope in this world enshrouded under hyper-consumerism. This ad by L’Oreal just proves our point. Sensitive and woke, this ad is copywriting at its best. Precise, great visuals, a brilliant concept- growing brands and copywriters, take notes!

  1. Inculcating acceptance with Airbnb


‘We believe in the simple idea that no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, or who you worship, you deserve to belong. We know this is an idealistic notion that faces huge obstacles because of something that also seems simple, but isn’t – that not everyone is accepted.’ –Airbnb

Airbnb’s ‘we accept’ campaign swirled about social media in a time when the resurfacing of xenophobia was at a much more outrageous level than today. Needless to say, this campaign raged up a storm and got a conversation started- with Airbnb repeatedly credited for their efforts towards good citizenship. So simple, and yet so strong. Good copywriting combined with sensible marketing is a lethal formula for killing off (not literally, of course) your competitors.

  1. Killing Thirst with Killer Jokes


Humor is such a safe way to go about marketing. The only problem is- it needs a lot of brains and there’s always the possibility that the entire thing could go completely wrong. However, with a hilarious chap on your copywriting team, you can always trust on them to reverse business losses into profits with a well-placed and concise joke.

Just look at Oasis for inspiration!

  1. Zero Stars? Okay then


Someone: This is a zero-starred resort! No way in hell are we booking this dump!

Copywriter: Did you say zero stars?

Someone: Yes

Copywriter: Wait a minute…I think I got something…

And that, is how one extraordinarily inventive copywriter working at Snowbird Ski Resort decided that they should use their zero-star reviews for their next ‘come ski with us’ campaigns!

Talk about doing the unbelievable- yep, copywriters do that all the time!


Animating For the Masses

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“To infinity…and beyond!”
― Toy Story (1995)

Every time we scroll through our smartphones, our senses are overwhelmed by a frenzied flurry of forwarded business messages, promotional newsletters, email marketing, and notifications upon notifications of the latest sales and packages on an e-fashion store you barely even ‘follow’. Relentless marketing strategies have turned the recreational experience of using a smartphone into one full of stress. Feeling burdened down with this barrage of information, smartphone users are quick to block emails, unsubscribe, and unfollow. Your brand could be their next target if you, too, fall into the trap of doing as others do i.e. using lazy, automated marketing strategies that do little beyond bothering potential customers. What do you want to be known as? That annoying brand with tacky marketing tactics? Or a smart marketer knowing just how to navigate the social media sphere in this age of rampant consumerism. The choice is yours!


Cartoons serve as an essential crutch for marketeers, having fast become an essential and vital marketing tool.  Animation tackles the intravenous complexities of marketing with effortless tactics that bring your brand towards larger and faster success. Short and simple videos garner more views as they are not only attractive, but also very precise, succinct, and viewable. Animated marketing videos make explaining your business and associated services a more enjoyable experience. Instead of the same old, conventional two-liners, spice up your marketing game with clever catchphrases and wacky anthropomorphic animated characters. Captivating and easy-to-fit into within Google ads, Facebook ads, and YouTube ads, your voice will have a wider reach when animated. Animated content possesses a unique power of its own- everyone is drawn towards animations, be it an adult or a child. You can demonstrate the services of any kind of product using images or motion graphics, especially products that are sometimes difficult to describe even when using words. You can tell your story in a medium that is colorful and easy to perceive with animated content. From your brand’s founding history to communicating about the latest services and updates, the animation is an emotionally charged, live-action form of interaction.


Video animations shed spotlight upon your business with catchy and clever scripts that narrate your business idea in an easy to understand language that is interactive and visually appealing. In a marketing age so fiercely competitive, it is crucial that you have a strong card up your sleeve that bedazzles your audiences and leaves them yearning for more. The key to a successful business lies in your ability to lure customers. A vibrant representation of your business idea where digital marketing experts are bridging the gap between marketing and animation with succinctly created concepts that are lucid and expressive of your business. Not only are animations very attractive, but they also do not take up too much of someone’s time. Barely lasting more than three minutes (and that’s also being too generous for the majority of video content), these videos are soothing for one’s eyes as social media users strenuously scroll across a monotonous looking Facebook feed. Short in duration, animations hold the potential to achieve viral success when filled with colorful, cutely animated characters. A virally successful animated video means imminent (albeit temporary) success for your business- that is, loads of new clients and profits!



Can flyers fly in today’s market?

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One day you are casually strolling home. As soon as you step in the house, you see a couple of envelopes and a one-sided flyer. The bright color and the sleek font of the flyer catches your eye. You pause to look at it. But do you pause long enough to register the content of the flyer?

Researches conducted by marketing and advertising companies suggest that if you are a boomer, you are very likely to not only look at the flyer but enjoy receiving the paper copy. It may surprise you but almost 3 out of 10 millennials actively check out paper flyers. It would seem then, that in the age of social media and climate change, there is a want to enjoy the good, old, tangible piece of paper advertising some product, service or idea.

A general image that our mind conjures up is that of a person walking on a street, staring mindlessly into a phone as they scroll through multiple apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Who would think that a flyer or brochure, slipped in our mailboxes or under our doorways by a man hurriedly walking, would actually bring us some respite? ANC LV

  1. But isn’t printing outdated?

While it is true that the new replaces the old, it does not necessarily bring about an end to the old. TV did not get rid of the radio, laptops did not completely replace desktops, and social media did not end the print media. It is true that social media is more widely used but print media (i.e. flyers, brochures, magazines) continues to have a certain cachet. What does a smooth glossy surface of a flyer offer in contrast to a high-resolution ad on a screen?

Answer: Tangible surface.

The overflow of images and ads on social media have made us indifferent to them. Do you honestly care about the ads you see everywhere on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.? If done right, print media breaks that monotony and allows businesses to stand out in the digital racket.


  1. But aren’t we killing trees?

We are. 40% of the world’s lumber is used to produce paper. The 5th largest consumer of water is the paper industry. A weekend paper has a carbon footprint of 4.1 kg.

Fear not though. Recycling paper reduces the carbon footprint dramatically by almost a 50%. Flyers, brochures, promotional goods and product packaging are becoming green, sustainable, eco-friendly, and recyclable. Adopting a proactive attitude towards climate change by using recycled paper will probably earn you brownie points with all kinds of audiences.


  1. But do people actually look at print media?

Ask someone to envision the future and they will likely describe some technological dystopia. We live in a world where social media is over-hyped, thus, the impact of print media on generating sales is severely underestimated. Research finds that direct mail brochures and flyers increase sales. More than one out of five people will end up buying the product or service you mail them about. The response rate for direct-mail marketing is 37% higher than email rate, since most ads end up in our junk anyway.

The age of your target audience really does not matter. Surprisingly, 92% of the 18-23-year-olds prefer reading printed material over digital content. A survey found that 61% of Gen Z-ers are inclined to unplug from digital media. Baby Boomers and millennials markedly show a preference towards reading print as opposed to content on the screens.

So, here we go. If you are wondering about outdated things like flyers, brochures, banners, posters, and how they can actually benefit your business, this article should make you wonder about the oft-ignored positives of print media which is often overlooked.


We believe in the power of print, see our various packages which include stationery designed by our expert and dedicated designers.

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