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How Many Minutes Would You Rather?

By March 23, 2020articles
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Go to your Facebook. Scroll through it. How many videos will you find? How many of those will you watch? Will you watch any video till the end?

In today’s digital age, our minds are trained to seek visual content. We want to see movement. Who wants to read long posts? We will read long posts, perhaps, only if the content is engaging and unique, or if it is accompanied by some interesting videos or GIFs. But not all videos work. Given the option, which one of these YouTube videos would you rather watch on an average day?

Source: YouTube

Created by: Tastemade

It is an obvious choice, isn’t it? 12 minutes seem too much of a commitment, unless you are familiar with Tastemade or if you are in the mood to mindlessly watch a nice long but fast-forwarded video. 3 minutes sounds about right. Research suggests that our attention spans are even lower. In 2 minutes, a video will hit the sweet spot and that’s it, done, stop, finish the shooting, don’t show anything more. If you are using Twitter, then make it even less, 30 seconds should it.

This does not mean that longer videos are utterly ineffective, you just need to remember that for a longer video, much effort needs to be put to retain the attention of your audience – an audience that is inclined to view things for a short amount of time. Did you know that people on Facebook have 8 billion video views every day?

Our minds are constantly flooded with colorful visuals – sometimes enticing, sometimes boring – because of this, we have become programmed to respond to visual content more than a page of written content. Studies show that an average viewer retains 95% of a video’s message as opposed to 10% of anything they read. This knowledge has not been ignored by online marketers, 87% of whom use video content to launch successful marketing campaigns, and 83% report that they get a good return on investment (ROI) from video marketing.

If you are thinking about putting something out in the digital world, and if you intend for it to gain some traction, then consider this: visually-focused marketing is your best bet. You want your audience to remember you? Attract their eyes with movement, and pique their interest with an engaging concept.

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