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Take Off Your Invisibility Cloak

By March 9, 2020articles

The internet is a giant math equation. With algebra. It has variables and constants that make up complicated algorithms that lie at the core of our digital world. If you change some variables, you alter algorithms and thus, you create ripples in the digital world.

The special thing about the internet is that everything is a click away. Be it Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines, you can just type anything and access information in mere seconds. But how does this information show up? Why is it that some links appear before others? The answer to that is: Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What is SEO?

Imagine a room full of people sitting in front of computers, their screens lined up with complicated graphs, stats, and word clouds. These people continuously track you. They see what you click, what content you keep open for the longest time, and which brands or products you are interested in. Your online activity is part of huge research and these people are the researchers, constantly coding and analyzing data. Once they have identified viewership trends, they can deconstruct the common variable about these trends.


Remember how we discussed that the internet is a giant algorithm with variables? Once you determine what the variable is, you can successfully manipulate the algorithm. SEO refers to this manipulation. Experts with SEO skills identify keywords that you can use in the online content you put up, and suddenly you will be directing organic viewership to your website, channel, page, etc.

SEO must sound like a good trick, no? It is. The more finesse SEO magicians brandish this skill with, the more viewership you will get, and the more compensation they will ask for. After all, a good trick requires a lot of effort and time on part of the magician. What happens if you are a small business, though? It is likely that you simply cannot afford an SEO package that is thorough and rewarding. Here is a reason why small businesses need to opt for SEO:


  • It is true that small businesses have smaller budgets but SEO has great ROI. Especially if you have an online store.
  • You can’t delay SEO. Begin now. For SEO to be effective, you need time, effort, and good quality content.
  • Make your website user-friendly so that whatever traffic SEO brings, it returns.

Still. It is likely that Google will always show bigger brands first. This is because they have been at it for longer and have an established target market. The sooner you begin making your online presence felt, the more visible you will become. Think of yourself as Tinkerbell:

The nicer you are, the more people will want to remember you. If they remember you, you will be visible, or else, you will disappear under an invisibility cloak.

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