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Social Media Marketing on a Budget

By March 2, 2020articles

Joined at the hip, social media and marketing go hand-in-hand. Here are some budget-friendly and snazzy ideas to breathe some life into your social media game and boost your business’s online presence:

Consistency: Share across all social media platforms 


Do you have business accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? And is your activity on your Facebook account more regular than the monthly, half-hearted tweets on Twitter? Then you need to up your social media game right away and be consistent and more focused regarding what you post online, and how much you do it. If you have a new product launching soon, then make sure that you post about it on all of your social media pages because different platforms have different audiences. The end goal is to reach all of them.

Quality: Compose with dedication and focus


Ensure that the little that you do write is of premium quality, funky, and easy to read. Good content is a prime contributor to amplifying your reach and increasing interaction on your social media platforms. If you write in a language that is relatable and currently trending, you attract more readers. With standardized quality and regular postings, you can have a strong and sustainable social media presence.

Attractiveness: Good visual graphics are a must


No, we are not asking you to hire a top-notch graphic designer for this. Instead, we greatly encourage that you make use of easy-to-use softwares such as Canva and do the job yourself, even if doing so requires some time investment. Regarding what kind of graphics you should employ, leap onto the bandwagon of whatever is trending on Instagram and organize your marketing scheme accordingly. Insta-worthy marketing schemes are not only pizzazz, but successfully lure in a good chunk of younger social media users.

Personalize: Take lots of pictures at events and post them all


Did you throw a small office party for Women’s day?


P U B L I C I Z E it!

Every little effort that you do counts immensely towards your image as a business. We do not encourage spamming your social media with images of employees splattering each other with cake, but some tidbits about office life at your firm, every now and then, are a light-hearted, sweet little addition.

Interaction: Live streams, Online Competitions, Giveaways


Personalizing is always a great tip for boosting interaction and attracting users towards your page. With live streams, you not only encourage users to be in direct contact with you, but you also have a more flexible portal for advertising your products in a subtle manner.

An online competition might require you to cough up some money or sacrifice some of your merchandise, but trust us, in the long run, it’s all super worth it.

Netizens often actively seek freebies and they never allow ‘opportunities’ like an online competition or a giveaway to pass by. Most online competitions either demand some kind of user interaction or something like answering the correct question regarding your services. Or they are in the form of a giveaway where they require participants to increase your followers by requesting their online ‘friends’ to follow your business account. A simple, yet efficient, way of generating more followers and increasing interaction on your account, online competitions and giveaways are both, effective and cost-efficient.

Diplomacy: Partner with similar businesses


Pairing up with your competitors is always an excellent strategy to boost user interaction and grab the attention of target audiences. The chances of your competitor and your business sharing the same target audience are very high, which is why it is a smart and diplomatic business marketing move to pair up with your competitors. Be it for an online competition or for a short-term collaboration on a giveaway, a social media partnership always goes a long way in stabilizing your social media game.

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