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The Greatest Copies of All Time

By January 20, 2020articles

Creative copywriting sells.

Where blogs and articles work miracles for pumping up your ranking and visibility on search engines, generating a larger readership for your products, and bringing in more website visits, copywriting, literally, helps sell. An ingeniously composed one-liner has the potential to get your customers to ‘just do it’. Snazzy and attractive, a creative copy holds the power to spellbind your audience in barely fifteen words. Uniqueness is the key for cleverly marketed content. If you want for your brand slogan, or the tag line going along with a new product, or the latest Facebook post to be shoved into mainstream spotlight, then your copy written content needs to be furnished with a fervor that screams, ‘Read me!’.

Copywriters create content that contributes towards the generation of larger leads towards your brand. These leads translate into success and all because your words leave your audience harking for more.

There are many examples of businesses that propelled forwards into instant stardom with well-written copies that were holistic in humor, empathy, and shrewdness. Wielding the Sword of brevity, shielded with clear writing, and armored under piles of humor, here are some ‘Warrior’ copies of sheer brilliance.

Here are our top-picked copywriting examples that will go down in history as the ultimate Mother of them all.

  1. Nike and Colin Kaepernick


Yes, you see why this one is on the list, don’t you?  The words just have you lolling your head onto one side as it is blown apart by the depth of the words, and the absolute genius of this campaign. In times of heightened apathy, a campaign of such magnitude from one of the world’s top sporting brands holds immense importance. Nike has a fan following of millions of young individuals who were not only swayed by this poster, but also compelled to learn more on the events and controversies surrounding Colin Kaepernick. Activism and marketing combined? Well played, Nike!

  1. Fighting for gender equality with L’Oreal


Big brands that are not only cognizant of their influence and following, but also make the decision to put their global status to good use are honestly a ray of hope in this world enshrouded under hyper-consumerism. This ad by L’Oreal just proves our point. Sensitive and woke, this ad is copywriting at its best. Precise, great visuals, a brilliant concept- growing brands and copywriters, take notes!

  1. Inculcating acceptance with Airbnb


‘We believe in the simple idea that no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, or who you worship, you deserve to belong. We know this is an idealistic notion that faces huge obstacles because of something that also seems simple, but isn’t – that not everyone is accepted.’ –Airbnb

Airbnb’s ‘we accept’ campaign swirled about social media in a time when the resurfacing of xenophobia was at a much more outrageous level than today. Needless to say, this campaign raged up a storm and got a conversation started- with Airbnb repeatedly credited for their efforts towards good citizenship. So simple, and yet so strong. Good copywriting combined with sensible marketing is a lethal formula for killing off (not literally, of course) your competitors.

  1. Killing Thirst with Killer Jokes


Humor is such a safe way to go about marketing. The only problem is- it needs a lot of brains and there’s always the possibility that the entire thing could go completely wrong. However, with a hilarious chap on your copywriting team, you can always trust on them to reverse business losses into profits with a well-placed and concise joke.

Just look at Oasis for inspiration!

  1. Zero Stars? Okay then


Someone: This is a zero-starred resort! No way in hell are we booking this dump!

Copywriter: Did you say zero stars?

Someone: Yes

Copywriter: Wait a minute…I think I got something…

And that, is how one extraordinarily inventive copywriter working at Snowbird Ski Resort decided that they should use their zero-star reviews for their next ‘come ski with us’ campaigns!

Talk about doing the unbelievable- yep, copywriters do that all the time!


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