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Animating For the Masses

By January 17, 2020articles

“To infinity…and beyond!”
― Toy Story (1995)

Every time we scroll through our smartphones, our senses are overwhelmed by a frenzied flurry of forwarded business messages, promotional newsletters, email marketing, and notifications upon notifications of the latest sales and packages on an e-fashion store you barely even ‘follow’. Relentless marketing strategies have turned the recreational experience of using a smartphone into one full of stress. Feeling burdened down with this barrage of information, smartphone users are quick to block emails, unsubscribe, and unfollow. Your brand could be their next target if you, too, fall into the trap of doing as others do i.e. using lazy, automated marketing strategies that do little beyond bothering potential customers. What do you want to be known as? That annoying brand with tacky marketing tactics? Or a smart marketer knowing just how to navigate the social media sphere in this age of rampant consumerism. The choice is yours!


Cartoons serve as an essential crutch for marketeers, having fast become an essential and vital marketing tool.  Animation tackles the intravenous complexities of marketing with effortless tactics that bring your brand towards larger and faster success. Short and simple videos garner more views as they are not only attractive, but also very precise, succinct, and viewable. Animated marketing videos make explaining your business and associated services a more enjoyable experience. Instead of the same old, conventional two-liners, spice up your marketing game with clever catchphrases and wacky anthropomorphic animated characters. Captivating and easy-to-fit into within Google ads, Facebook ads, and YouTube ads, your voice will have a wider reach when animated. Animated content possesses a unique power of its own- everyone is drawn towards animations, be it an adult or a child. You can demonstrate the services of any kind of product using images or motion graphics, especially products that are sometimes difficult to describe even when using words. You can tell your story in a medium that is colorful and easy to perceive with animated content. From your brand’s founding history to communicating about the latest services and updates, the animation is an emotionally charged, live-action form of interaction.


Video animations shed spotlight upon your business with catchy and clever scripts that narrate your business idea in an easy to understand language that is interactive and visually appealing. In a marketing age so fiercely competitive, it is crucial that you have a strong card up your sleeve that bedazzles your audiences and leaves them yearning for more. The key to a successful business lies in your ability to lure customers. A vibrant representation of your business idea where digital marketing experts are bridging the gap between marketing and animation with succinctly created concepts that are lucid and expressive of your business. Not only are animations very attractive, but they also do not take up too much of someone’s time. Barely lasting more than three minutes (and that’s also being too generous for the majority of video content), these videos are soothing for one’s eyes as social media users strenuously scroll across a monotonous looking Facebook feed. Short in duration, animations hold the potential to achieve viral success when filled with colorful, cutely animated characters. A virally successful animated video means imminent (albeit temporary) success for your business- that is, loads of new clients and profits!


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