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Can flyers fly in today’s market?

By January 15, 2020articles

One day you are casually strolling home. As soon as you step in the house, you see a couple of envelopes and a one-sided flyer. The bright color and the sleek font of the flyer catches your eye. You pause to look at it. But do you pause long enough to register the content of the flyer?

Researches conducted by marketing and advertising companies suggest that if you are a boomer, you are very likely to not only look at the flyer but enjoy receiving the paper copy. It may surprise you but almost 3 out of 10 millennials actively check out paper flyers. It would seem then, that in the age of social media and climate change, there is a want to enjoy the good, old, tangible piece of paper advertising some product, service or idea.

A general image that our mind conjures up is that of a person walking on a street, staring mindlessly into a phone as they scroll through multiple apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Who would think that a flyer or brochure, slipped in our mailboxes or under our doorways by a man hurriedly walking, would actually bring us some respite? ANC LV

  1. But isn’t printing outdated?

While it is true that the new replaces the old, it does not necessarily bring about an end to the old. TV did not get rid of the radio, laptops did not completely replace desktops, and social media did not end the print media. It is true that social media is more widely used but print media (i.e. flyers, brochures, magazines) continues to have a certain cachet. What does a smooth glossy surface of a flyer offer in contrast to a high-resolution ad on a screen?

Answer: Tangible surface.

The overflow of images and ads on social media have made us indifferent to them. Do you honestly care about the ads you see everywhere on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.? If done right, print media breaks that monotony and allows businesses to stand out in the digital racket.


  1. But aren’t we killing trees?

We are. 40% of the world’s lumber is used to produce paper. The 5th largest consumer of water is the paper industry. A weekend paper has a carbon footprint of 4.1 kg.

Fear not though. Recycling paper reduces the carbon footprint dramatically by almost a 50%. Flyers, brochures, promotional goods and product packaging are becoming green, sustainable, eco-friendly, and recyclable. Adopting a proactive attitude towards climate change by using recycled paper will probably earn you brownie points with all kinds of audiences.


  1. But do people actually look at print media?

Ask someone to envision the future and they will likely describe some technological dystopia. We live in a world where social media is over-hyped, thus, the impact of print media on generating sales is severely underestimated. Research finds that direct mail brochures and flyers increase sales. More than one out of five people will end up buying the product or service you mail them about. The response rate for direct-mail marketing is 37% higher than email rate, since most ads end up in our junk anyway.

The age of your target audience really does not matter. Surprisingly, 92% of the 18-23-year-olds prefer reading printed material over digital content. A survey found that 61% of Gen Z-ers are inclined to unplug from digital media. Baby Boomers and millennials markedly show a preference towards reading print as opposed to content on the screens.

So, here we go. If you are wondering about outdated things like flyers, brochures, banners, posters, and how they can actually benefit your business, this article should make you wonder about the oft-ignored positives of print media which is often overlooked.


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