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It’s Time to Insta-Size

By December 26, 2019articles

Yep, you read it right.

If you have a thriving business that has still not made its grand entrance onto the ultimate queen of all social media applications, then count these profitable days scarcely numbered. From election campaigns to competitions of all sorts, getting a boost on Instagram is a huge win for everyone, be it a candidate or an up-and-coming artist. If this social media networking platform is such a bolstering ladder for mere individuals, imagine the goodness that it can yield for your business!

Here are three solid reasons why you need to get on top of your Instagram game- ASAP!

  1. Social Media influencers possess some crazy magical properties


One can never be sure if it’s their charismatic persona, or their good looks, or that model-like body – or sometimes, these people just happen to be insanely rich and draw hordes towards their unbelievably good lifestyle. Whatever the reason, lets accept it: these guys are literally r u l i n g Instagram right now.  From chairing international giveaways to having followers twice the amount of that of your favorite celebrity’s, these folks have the powers to bring up your business from rags to riches.

Of course, getting your product featured on an international influencer’s account may come with a hefty price, but if you start by investing into the local bloggers, your products will gain enough recognition within your city for you to be able to fund an international red-carpeting of your products.

  1. Marketing on a Budget: Instagram is surprisingly pocket-friendly!


Scratch the above phrase, because if your digital marketing budget is too low at the moment, then Instagram even has free marketing tools that you can use until you progress to a larger budget! From some excellent analytical tools (called ‘Insight’), to very convenient contacting options that include email, text, and calling, Instagram has a complete package catering to startups and businesses with the option of converting your account into a fully-fledged business account.

Understanding your data is key to growing your business, and Instagram offers you just the data analysis you need with free tools providing detailed visual data on follower engagement, and top liked content. These freely accessible reports and KPIs (key performance indicators) are a good reason for you to make the switch to Instagram Business because otherwise, data analysis at similar levels is usually a big dent in the budget.

  1. Massive Outreach


 With a whopping five hundred million plus users (500m+), the amount of people you can reach out to through Instagram is dizzyingly brilliant. With features such as ‘follow hashtag’, it is incredibly easy to garner the attention of your product’s community members towards your business account. For example, if your business involves notebooks, then users following hashtags such as ‘notebooks’, ‘notebook art’, and ‘notebook love’ have a greater chance of stumbling across your business than other potential buyers.

The numbers of mobile phone users are expanding at a crazy rate, and the numbers of mobile phone users with Instagram accounts also show almost coinciding levels of increments. Include mobile phone users that shop through these tiny gadgets into the equation and, voila! They seem to be growing in equally good numbers, too. These statistics are a solid reason for you to not only launch mobile-friendly versions of your websites, but for you to get onto Instagram ASAP and start advertising your products on this super profitable social media networking platform!

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