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Digital Marketing 101: Introduction to Mobile Marketing

By December 26, 2019articles

If you were to tell someone that you do not own a desktop computer, they would probably not even bat an eye. However, if you were to replace the words ‘desktop computer’ here with ‘mobile phone’, all hell would break loose, with shocked gasps resounding across the room and hands clapping loudly onto mouths fallen wide open.

Smart mobile phones have evolved into a crucial necessity in 2019. From communication to networking to business essentials, these devices have become all-consuming and are today a mandatory accessory to possess. With so many different types of smartphones available with very flexible pricings and coming in wide variety of sizes and functionalities, keeping a smartphone is not an expensive sport any longer. In fact, it is much cheaper than other modes of communication.

The World Has Gone Online

The outreach and powerful impact of smartphones has completely transformed marketing strategies. In place of two-minute long TV commercials and huge advertising posters, companies are now investing in short, attention-grabbing online content so as to intensify their online outreach.

Animations, infographics, apps, videos – you name it!

The marketers are on it!

From popular social networking applications to internet messaging services, online presence through social media platforms is crucial for businesses intelligently expanding their growth and profits.

AI: The Future of Digital Marketing

Incorporating complex Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to target just the right audiences, the sphere of smartphone users is the best place to seek out potential customers. Along with smart client targeting, complex algorithms and advancements in data science have revolutionized data collection and efficient filtering through tons of information to understand exactly what the audiences want. The market is a complicated place, made much simpler with access to consumer purchasing habits and patterns- and all of this is becoming increasingly easier when you focus your marketing to smartphone users!

Faster Communication

Advertisements, focused on mobile streaming, play an instrumental role in increasing client interaction with your product(s). Comments sections with rambling Q&A tirades are vastly populated with smartphone users. Who even has the time to open up their laptop to type away a question inquiring about particular features of your products anymore?

With mobile marketing, you can tailor your communication methods including the type of messaging and channels you use for each groups of different individuals, based on their activity data. An important prerequisite for a business owner who is looking to reach out to more customers, with less effort and least investment of time and money, is through research on your markets before pouring in any money. By investing in the content creation of responsive layouts and mobile-friendly interfaces, you can ensure that you develop a strong mobile marketing game.

It may seem too complicated at the beginning to collect a lot of consumer data and user preferences, but with the right strategies and business intelligence tools, you’ll be scratching your head and scolding yourself for not having taken this road, much earlier!

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