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Impressive Business Cards in Five Simple Steps

By December 10, 2019articles

If you meet a potential recruiter at a place as unlikely as a wedding reception, how do you make sure that the person you just spent a good thirty minutes cozying up to remembers you when you both part ways? This is where business cards come in. The importance of business cards is reflected in their thriving existence even in a time where all paper-related things are going extinct quickly.

The Etiquette of Exchanging Business Cards:

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Here are five brilliant tips that you should use to make sure that in a sea overflowing with conventional business cards, yours stands out:

  1. Make sure your business card has a finished logo


Despite how commonsense this pointer may seem, you would be surprised by the number of business cards that carry either un-updated, incorrect or no logos at all! Before getting your business card designed, ensure that you have on hand the most updated version of your logo ready. Even if you do have a logo ready, rethink the expiry date of your logo because it does not bode well professionally to update your logo after you have already printed out hundreds of business cards and distributed them.

  1. Shape it to perfection


Pointy corners and stiff rectangles are boring- It is high time you went the extra mile and did something a bit more creative. Your business card’s shape can also be innovatively used to give a deeper insight into what your business is about. If your business entails manufacturing beauty products, why not shape your business card into the jar of your best-selling product? The idea is different but the key to a successful business is daring to do the never done.

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  1. Minimalism is raging but doesn’t shy away from adding necessary text


Don’t be quick to jump onto the ‘minimalist aesthetic’ bandwagon at the cost of crucial business details. If you have several social media pages and all of them are important contributors to your business’s marketing and are a must-be-mentioned for your business card, then go ahead and add them! There are many creative ways to have a sufficient amount of text and maintain a minimal outlook. Give your business card ample thought and time- you’ll come up with a creative compromise, trust us!

  1. Colors speak volumes, say the unsaid!


There are several places and people who end up at the receiving end of your business card. Some are potential clients, some are potential financiers, and most are random people who got your card via some random stall or career fair. Amongst this variety, financers are just as crucial, if not more so, than your clients. Business financers are busy individuals that are faced with hundreds of business cards on a regular basis. To make sure that your card stands out on a desk overflowing with card paper, choose colors with extreme wisdom. We are not suggesting that you have your business card leathered in neon for the sake of attention- it’s a business card, not the traffic police. All we are saying is, carefully consult up a color that is sensible, matching, and 100% compatible with your business idea.

  1. Flaunt fancy fonts


A well-selected, sleek font and font size on your business card is a marker of professionalism, sensible design, and well-thought-out-ness. It is important that your font and font size is eligible and suitable for your card size so that the displayed content is clear. Decluttered and neat, your font size can save an overall crappy design from being a complete disaster. Your business card’s typography is an important aspect of your card- choose it all well!

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