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Bye Bye Facebook, Hullo Instagram: The Future of Social Media Marketing

By December 6, 2019articles

It’s not even ‘nitpicking’ if you label Facebook as old-fashioned because of the severely mood-dampening color schemes of the Facebook app. Out of a wide spectrum of colors cheerful and lively, why is Facebook still an ugly, hospital-wall color blue?

Being fair, it’s not just this terrible color that has massively lessened Facebook’s initial appeal for the younger generations. There is a reason why most of Facebook’s active users are from the Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y- because the younger generations do not harbor the same appetite for long captions, ugly fonts, repetitive ads, and excessively marketed content. Beating Facebook’s once-rampant popularity, Instagram has arisen as a victorious champion for social media users, marketers, and bloggers.

Here are some reasons why your brand should seriously consider shifting the social media marketing portal over to Instagram:


1.Massive Active User Status

With over one billion active users, Instagram is fostering a limitless portal of potential clients for your brand. What’s even better than this number is the age bracket of these users. Up to roughly 75% of Instagram’s active users are composed of the 18-24 age group – the perfect age bracket for securing long-lasting and loyal online clients.

2.Excellent Marketing Tools


When you switch your account from regular to business, the transition is simply mind-blowing. With a wide berth of interactive, highly useful, and essential marketing and analytic tools, Instagram’s business account gives your brand access to some of the best social media marketing features. All of these tools, including impressions, Insta insights, engagement data, and demographicized data are absolutely free. Mobile-friendly and allowing the creation and publishing of ads, marketing on Instagram business is full of perks.

3.Shout-outs, giveaways, hashtags- endless possibilities!


From influencers to paid marketing strategies, marketing on Instagram is an exciting and joyous affair. If you are low on budget, get creative and invent insanely imaginative and catchy captions, hashtags and content to sway your brand’s popularity. If you do have a moderate budget, collaborate with local influencers and promote giveaways that not only boost your followers, but also allow marketing and free sampling of your products.

4.Tell your story on Instagram stories!



Instagram stories are a visually appeasing, interactive, and an easy mode for promoting your brand. ‘Swiping up’ on Instagram stories is a very useful tool for convenient website hyperlink integration. Fast and easy-to-post, this slideshow format of marketing, available for a maximum of twenty-four hours, is revolutionizing high-quality ‘window popping’ digital marketing.

Instagram is the raging present, and the bright future of social media marketing. The key to successful Instagram marketing is knowing what content to post when, how, and where. Once you firmly grasp the basics, you are all set to roll onwards into uninhibited brand popularity!

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