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6 Quick Design Tips To Enhance Your Social Media Images

Quick Design Tips

It is all about the internet and social media now. From personal profiles to business communities, everyone is head over heels for sharing content on digital platforms. There are several affordable social media design services available now which claim to make your social media unique. Since everyone has a presence on social media what your brand can do to get noticed? This is a question we ask very often so, let’s try and find an answer to it.

Social media is all about visuals and it is no secret so, naturally, you have to think visually. The primary content for most of the social media platforms is images. We all know it can work as an effective way to build a relationship with audiences. Millions and millions of photos are shared daily so why some of them get lost in the crowd while some remains there for long?

It is not faith there are almost always great differences between successful and unsuccessful images. It is better to get affordable social media design services on board to get the results since they know what should go where and how.

1.      Color

It is an important aspect of design and therefore, cannot be decided in a hurry. Every color has a meaning and complete psychology behind it, which makes the color selection a responsible task.

You need to find colors that reciprocate your brand’s values, vision, and emotions. Deciding a color scheme and then sticking to it will deliver consistency in your posts.

The primary focus should be to make images attractive and attention-grabbing. People see several posts while they are scrolling their newsfeed. That means you have less than a second to impress them. Only nice and appealing colors can make them stop and see the post.

Usually, bright colors or custom color palette of brands interests viewers. It is important to take care of balance when using bright colors so that it does not become too overwhelming.

2.      Image Size

This is one of the most vital aspects of using social media for your benefit. Different social media platforms have different image sizes that are appropriate for them. If you don’t upload an image in the appropriate size, the picture quality will be compromised.

Some of the most used social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It is better to post image dimensions of 1200x630px. The image sizes that are recommended for profile picture on Facebook is 180x180px, for shared link and shared image 1200x630px, for cover photo 828x315px, and for highlighted image 1200x717px.

600x1102px is best suitable for Pinterest. The recommended size for Pinterest profile picture is 165x165px, Pins On Main Page 238px, Pin Board Small Thumbnail 55x55px, Pin Board Large Thumbnail 222x150px.

It is advised to use 506x253px images for Twitter to get optimal results and clear resolution. The Twitter profile photo should be 400x400px, In-Stream photo 506x253px, and Header photo 1500x1500px.

The Instagram profile picture should be 110x100px, Photo Size in App is 1080x1080px, and Photo Thumbnails 161x161px.

You should use 531px images for LinkedIn. The profile picture for LinkedIn should be 400x400px, background image 1000x425px, square logo 60x60px, banner image 646x220px, Linked image post 191x100px, standard logo 400x400px, and regular post image 531px wide.

3.      Text

Words are necessary to give context to the pictures. Adding meaningful text to an image increases its value for the audiences. Text on images also allows you to play with fonts which can make posts even more engaging. You must put an equal effort into choosing a text, similar to the effort you put into making an image perfect. The perfect fonts are those which are easy to read because they have the power to stop users from scrolling.

4.      Consistency

Many people confuse consistency with monotony. Consistency is important because it makes viewers relate to your posts. When they get a glimpse of your post while scrolling, they may stop knowing it is from you. Repetition of colors, logos, and fonts is also known as consistent branding and we don’t see how it can go wrong? It makes you recognizable with time.

5.      Call To Action

Adding a call to action can increase engagement. If you want people to like, share, and comment on your social media posts then your design needs to incorporate an effective call to action. Maybe not on every post but now and then, you should add it to increase communication.

6.      Avoid A person But Include A Body Part

It may sound weird but images with a hand interacting with some objects are the ones which get most likes and are widely shared. People relate more with partial body parts than a person because they can imagine themselves using the product but a person in the image kills this imagination.

Research suggests, “These partial body images performed 29% better than images with a full person and 10% better than images without a person.”

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