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Two Game Changing Concepts of Online world

By July 11, 2019articles
Online world

It’s surprising to witness how fast the world is moving and how quickly things are changing. The online world is also evolving at a swift pace and there are several changes that have taken place in the last couple of years. The dynamics of branding for the internet is rapidly changing. Two major catalysts for this change in online space have been visual content and mobile phone.


The marketplace is crowded and in order to get noticed every brand needs to stand out.

Easier said than done. Let’s get to the real question, how to do it?

The trick is to know what lures the most number of people. Several types of research prove that visually appealing content attracts more people. According to Quick Sprout’s 2019 research, a website will lose all interactions from users if they do not like the way it looks. Users search for visually appealing content.

Think of it this way, almost one-third of potential customers turning their backs on your website on the basis of ugly designs, who wants that? The loss is great, isn’t it?

Posters, infographics, and videos are more appealing as they are able to hook the audience.


One thing is for sure that using boring, bland, stock images is not going to get you anywhere. The key is to create something unique and engaging. Infographics are the best way to do that. Surprisingly, GIFs, which we assume as the real internet favorite, is way behind infographics in popularity. Acclaimed marketers are using infographics three times more than any other content.

Audiences tend to focus more on the images than reading the text. It is backed by eye-tracking studies which suggest that audiences relate more to text with images than plain text alone. When these images have relevant information, no doubt these ultimately become more engaging.

However, only infographics are not enough. You have to use different types of media to keep the audience hooked to the handle. Visual content is the key to success in the digital world.

It has also been proven that the human mind processes things more easily with illustrations than simple written text. The rate of accuracy is 323% higher in people using visual instructions for direction than people not using visual instructions. To understand the difference, let’s take an example of a DIY guide. Imagine following all the steps by only reading what is written, sounds difficult. Now, imagine taking assistance from the pictures, how easy it becomes when you have pictures of what you have to do step by step.


Think about your social media, how much visual content do you see? A lot. That is because the majority of marketers use visual content. Also, it is easy to process a picture than a block of text.

Images also support the articles. Articles, which do not have any images, are generally ignored by the people no matter how informative or relevant they are. Images also enhance the readability of articles which is why they get 94% increased views. Images provide a simple way to judge an article before you have even started to read it.


Internet is moving in a direction where videos will make more than 80% of the content. The times are near where videos will rule the internet. Past few years have seen a remarkable increase in video streaming. An example of preference for this format is that audiences prefer video reviews 4 times more than written reviews on average.


It is not a surprise that it is predicted that by 2021, 54% of all online sales will be through mobile phones. To stay in the game, it is important for every venture to invest in web designs that are mobile-friendly. 73% of mobile users accepted that they feel anxious when they misplace their phone until they find it, imagine the impact this small device has had on our lives.

According to Google research, 72% of consumers will switch from the website if it is not suitable for easy mobile use, to other websites with user-friendly interfaces where purchasing is relatively easy. Smartphone users tend to buy more from the sites which provide them answers easily to the questions they may have. This makes clear why product descriptions are important.

61% of smartphone users are more likely to make a purchase if they receive information customized according to their preference and location [7]. Mobile phones have increased the need for customization. Another aspect of mobile e-commerce is speed. Smartphone users favor websites which make their purchasing fast and easy.


In order to stay in the race, it is important for businesses to see things as they are and to take important steps, before it too late. The internet does not give a lot of time and there is almost no second chance.

A single bad experience can cost you more than you can imagine. Once you lose a user, it is most likely they won’t come back ever because there is so much competition in the market. Regaining the trust of the users is quite difficult so better work proactively to retain them.

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